Sharam put on her first extension herself when she was just fifteen years old. For her, it was a tremendous experience. She achieved a totally different look, giving herself a new sense of confidence about her appearance. She loved the flexibility and never forgot that feeling. Plus, it was fun.

Now, with over a decade of experience in the rarified world of high fashion, Sharam has witnessed the world's top hair stylists perform their magic on her hair. She has seen the best of the best, experiencing virtually every type pf extension, coloring, and application process on her own hair. She's received a literal PhD (Perfect Hair Design) in "hair extension" education.

Sharam's passion today is to take her extensive knowledge and create the highest quality line of human hair extension products on the market. She wants every women to feel the same transformative experience she did. She is particularly sensitive to the challenges women face as they navigate the choices and challenges involved with purchasing quality hair extensions.

Sharam's intention is for women of all hair types to feel comfortable and beautiful wearing her products. She feels it is very important that women have as much flexibility and choice in how they decide to project their own personal style.
And most importantly, to enjoy Sharam Hair in their own individual way.



Our Vision is to become the company that best understands our customers´ hair needs and develop the best 360º online added value service, through our website and social media.

Our mission is to empower every women to become more versatile and confident in their hairstyle’s choices, no matter their hair issues.

Values: Passion, Quality, Customer Commitment and Trust